Business credit Cards from Standard Bank who know their business when it comes to finance

Standard Bank is a leading financial services organisation who offer Business Credit Cards. The cards are for use by businesses as opposed to individual personal use.

The Standard Bank business card allows you to make purchases at thousands of stores worldwide.

Shopping with a Standard Bank business card is safe. Their secure chip and PIN security feature keep you in control of how much you pay.

The cards Come with many free features –

Business Credit cards

Business Credit cards for Whatever business You are In

It doesn’t matter what size your business is; these credit cards are available to all companies across the board.

They don’t affect an individual’s credit score. If the business can’t pay its credit card bills, the business owner will be held responsible for the debt.

The terms of the credit card agreement determine the benefits and perks. The benefits of a business credit card are different to those offered to individual customers.

Some business credit cards offer cash back on purchases at certain shops, where a company is likely to spend a lot on supplies for the firm.

Some of the rewarding Benefits the cards Offer

A common benefit of a business card is travel perks as most businesses have travel expenses.

A business credit card will likely entitle the holder to make use the airline’s VIP lounges. Or receive discounts when on business and staying at luxury hotels.

The business cards also offer repayment terms which are more flexible – especially useful for a business with an inconsistent cash flow. Business credit cards have bonus rewards on phone bills, offices supplies or wifi.

The Standard Bank travel Lodge Card

  • For employees who frequently travel
  • Offers easy transactions
  • Issued in the company’s name
  • Consolidate your expenses into one account. Which means you can view and analyse your monthly travel expenditure
  • You receive free travel insurance cover of up to R 1 million. This is for when you buy travel tickets on the Travel Lodge Card
  • Select a Mastercard, Visa Card or a Diners Corporate Card according to your travel needs


Diners Club Virtual Card 

A card that enables you to issue once-off cards to employees or travel suppliers.

This card will suit your business if you want more control over your employee travel spend. It also offers a safe payment solution that doesn’t reveal sensitive card information.

How about a Garage Card

Make it easy to buy fuel and pay for repairs if you or your employees frequently travel by road. The Garage Card provides an efficient corporate card solution so that you don’t have to give your driver’s cash

The benefit of the card is that it can be linked to the company’s multi-user card account for easy monthly reconciliation.

A business credit card enables you to keep your business transactions separate from your personal transactions.

A card from Standard Bank, if handled responsibly, will establish creditworthiness which can count in your favour. Especially when you need to loan money to expand your growing business.

All info was correct at time of publishing