Find the best Credit Card Deal at givemecredit

Most people these days scarcely deal with cash and charge everything to their credit card. So what is the best Credit Card on the market?

Swiping a card is so easy, and there’s never the need to look for a bank to draw cash. South Africa has a number of credit card providers. If you’re a first-time card buyer, you may wonder which credit card will give you the best deal.

What is The best Credit Card deal?

There are credit builder cards which are an excellent choice for those people with no credit history or even with a poor credit history. You may only get a small credit limit, but at least you have a foot in the door with owning a credit card.

If you handle your payments well, you may even be eligible for a higher credit limit, therefore, by using a credit builder card you can build up a good payment record for obtaining credit in the future.

Other Credit Cards

Best credit card

If you earn more than R20,000, you could be eligible to apply for a premium rated credit card. With a Top earner card, you get a high credit limit along with some extras such as travel assistance, concierge services, cashback or air mile rewards.

Reward card – for frequent spenders, however, you have to pay your balance in full every month otherwise the rewards you earn become non-existent due to interest charges.

For the best credit card get advice from the Experts

Givemecredit Limited help you find lenders who you stand a chance with to get your credit card application approved.

GivemeCredit – a private limited company registered in England operate international websites from the UK with a team of credit analysts. The analysts have market knowledge about the different countries.

Credit cards are a Handy and safer Alternative to carrying around Cash

Among all the credit card vendors, it can be a hard decision knowing which one to choose, and GiveMeCredit helps consumers to make an informed credit decision. They present customers with a host of credit card options, providing individual reviews of each one.

Two credit cards listed on GiveMeCredit are –

ABSA Transact Credit Card – You need to earn between R2000 and R4000
and be 18 years or older. You also need a South African ID book, proof of residence and three of the latest proof of income bank statements.

Some of the benefits you get with ABSA include:

  • fixed monthly payments
  • free lost card protection
  • up to 57 days interest-free
  • no transaction fees on purchases


Barclaycard Credit Card or Visa Credit Card

  • Up to 57 days’ interest-free credit
  • Free electronic statements and text alert
  • Access to a budget facility. This allows you to repay purchases in instalments of 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 or 48 months
  • Secondary credit cards for anyone nominated by you
  • A linked Garage Card – use to fill up with petrol, pay toll fees, repairs, etc
  • ATM withdrawals – deposits, balance enquiries, etc

Other credit cards listed on the GiveMeCredit website are – American Express Credit Card, FNB Classic Credit Card and Bluebean Aspire Credit Card.

Look around, do research and find the best credit card that can make your life a whole lot easier.

All info was correct at time of publishing