Airline reward Credit Cards in South Africa give you Wings

Airline reward credit cards are a worthwhile investment. These cards offer some of the best overall rewards and bonuses available. Therefore it’s important to choose the right credit card. You could win travel awards as well as significant discounts on your travel expenses.

Airline reward Credit cards Satisfy your Wanderlust

Airline reward cards give you the best value because you can use these cards to your advantage. If you enjoy travel, the best way to earn air miles is by using airline credit cards.

Earn these air mile rewards by using your credit card to make everyday purchases. Apart from extra air miles which help pay your travels, you get additional benefits. Benefits that go towards making travel more convenient and less expensive.

Airline reward Credit cards and its Advantages –

American Express – A global services company. Get points for every Rand you spend. Clients get 1.5 points from every R5. Use your card to buy petrol at BP forecourts and garages. 

Membership Rewards is a customer loyalty programme. Collect more points by spending a bit extra and redeem them for a host of travel, shopping and entertainment rewards. You can also transfer the points to other loyalty programmes such as Hotel Reward.

Airline reward credit cardsKulula Credit Card – The easiest and quickest way to pay for your Kulula bookings is to use a credit card. Kulula will store your card details if you use the same card to make flight booking each time,

When you purchases your Kulula credit card, Kulula moolah comes your way to help pay for another Kulula flight. One Kulula moolah = One Rand. If you spend R1000 in your first month, you get 200 Kulula moolah free. The Kulula gold credit card comes with a built-in chip and PIN for security.

More Reward Cards

SAA Voyager – The Voyager credit card gives you a choice of either a Premium or Gold Card. Issued by Nedbank, the Premium Card provides more benefits than the Gold Card.

You earn 1 Voyager Mile for each R6 spent with the Premium Card. With the Gold Card, each R6.50 wins 1 Voyager Mile. Premium Cardholders earn 19,000 SAA Voyager Miles when they buy an SAA ticket for the first time with their card. Gold Card members get 10,000 Voyager Miles.

Get car rental options through Europcar and Budget car rentals with your cards.

Be rewarded by Owning one of these Cards

Other airline reward credit cards in South Africa are Discovery Credit Card, FNB and Virgin Money Credit Card.

The biggest advantage of these cards are the extras you get when you fly. With benefits such as discounts on in-flight food and beverages, earning miles for all the money you spend.

With sign up bonuses as well as other cardholder benefits, isn’t it time you gave these credit cards some consideration?

All info was correct at time of publishing