What is a Credit Card from FNB? Answer – Convenience

There has been an explosion of credit cards in South Africa to choose from, and most people have at least one. So what is a Credit Card?

Credit cards offer a wonderfully convenient way of shopping when handled correctly and responsibly, and FNB has a good suite of credit cards to offer you.

What is a Credit Card and Why do I need one?

FNB offer among others, their Black Card, Gold Card, Lodge Card, Business Petro Card, Private Wealth, Private Clients Credit Cards and Platinum Business Credit Cards. Between them, they offer a host of benefits and you can compare some of them side by side.

FNB or First National Bank is one of South Africa’s leading financial institutions. Contact them on 087 575 11 11 and have your queries sorted out. You can also email FNB at fnbcard@fnb.co.za.

Applying for a credit card at FNB is an easy process, but you need to meet specific income criteria to get the cards. Small salary earners are welcome.

If you qualify for an FNB credit card there are a number of benefits waiting for you    –

  • Free access to online, cell phone and telephone banking
  • Various credit card types to select from – Classic, Gold, Premier, Private Clients or Private Wealth cards among others
  • No more carrying around large sums of cash, you can pay for an emergency medical bill, a holiday or school fees.

What is a credit cardIt’s important to maintain a good credit record by paying your credit card bill on time every month. If you lose your job and are no longer able to pay, call the card division immediately. FNB consultants are ready to assist when you call their Credit Card Division.

What is a credit card? Let’s look at the Private Wealth Credit Card

This card caters to individuals or families who earn R1.5 million per annum or more.  With this card, you get up to 5 free additional secondary credit cards. There are no transactional fees and up to 5 free linked Petro Cards.

Other benefits include:

  • You can use the card locally or abroad
  • When you use it at Visa enabled outlets you get free eBucks
  • Free card purchases
  • Lost card protection
  • Comprehensive Global Travel Insurance
  • AA Emergency Roadside Assistance on your linked Petro Card


Most South African financial institutions don’t offer an elite credit account for wealthy clients, however, FNB has the Private Clients credit card for more affluent customers as well as a Platinum Credit Card for non-Private Banking customers.

They offer the same sort of rewards as other credit account customers such as access to VIP lounges at the country’s biggest airports.

From an online survey conducted among their cardholders, FNB found that 39% of the respondents said they only use their credit cards in emergencies while 36% said they use their cards for everything.

What is a credit card? Now that you have an idea of the benefits, apply for one.

All info was correct at time of publishing