Apply for a Credit Card online from ABSA. Within minutes You could be in the Pound seats

Now you can apply for a Credit Card online from ABSA. Credit cards provide such a fantastic amount of freedom if you handle them correctly and everyone would like to own at least one.

You don’t have to wait for weeks in anticipation anymore either before you eventually hear from the banks.

Don’t hesitate, Apply for a Credit Card online from ABSA now

When you apply for a credit card online from ABSA, your anxious waiting is a thing of the past. You receive an almost instant response to your credit card application as your waiting time is literally within a few minutes.

ABSA want to approve your Credit Card. ABSA always tries to provide their customers with an approval whenever possible. Only in a few instances do they deny credit.

ABSA – A renowned financial institution in South Africa and with a credit card from them, consumers are able to access money any time they want. ABSA offers customers an assortment of credit cards, thus giving them tailor-made credit.

Choose from one of these cards when you apply for a credit card online –

  • Affinity Credit Card
  • Student Credit Card
  • Transact Credit Card
  • A Gold or Platinum Credit Card

Apply for a credit card online

Each card requires that you earn a certain amount each month. Some applicants need no more than a few hundred Rands if it’s a student card for instance. Others require R4 000, and another will need R25 000 a month, however, there will always be a card for you.

The Internet has dramatically changed the way we do business locally and internationally. You can, therefore, apply online for an ABSA credit card. Applying for a credit card has never been simpler, even for 18-year-olds with no credit history.

There are Certain basic Requirements You need to obtain a Credit Card

  • A steady income is essential if you want a credit card. ABSA needs to know that you’re capable of paying your premium each month.
  • You can apply for a student credit card, however, be sure to check out the interest rates and annual fees


You can apply for a credit card by post, in-store or online. The online route is the quickest,  just fill in a form on their website and submit.

You need to provide information about yourself – name, address, ID number, salary etc. This information helps determine if you are eligible and how much credit you’ll get.

Online Transactions are as Safe as Houses

Many people have reservations about doing financial transactions online. It is completely safe to apply online for a credit card from ABSA.

Banks use encryption to ensure that the transmitted information is not hacked. All you have to do is wait for approval and your card to arrive.

All info was correct at time of publishing