Cash Back Credit Cards From Discovery

If you’re looking for someone to supply you with a credit card in South Africa, well there are many. There are many providers, each offering a range of credit card options to suit different needs and budgets. Discovery also provides cash back credit cards.

One of those providers is Discovery, an insurance company that was launched just in 1992 but has quickly become one of the leaders in this field. They have even expanded their operations all the way into China.

In 2004 the company joined the credit card fray with its DiscoveryCard, a Visa-branded card that offered holders rewards “for being healthier”.

Discovery Card Features

cash back credit cardsNow the company has a card that promises customers cash back as they shop. Get back money while spending it? How is that?

Whenever you go shopping at selected retail outlets and pay for goods using your Discovery Card, you can get up to 20% of what you spent back with cash back credit cards.

It doesn’t matter whether you bought toys for your kids, clothes, shoes, fashion accessories or sports gear. Just so long as the place you shopped in is part of the Discovery card store network.

What’s more, you can even access the cash back feature when you go on holiday. There are particular partner firms that Discovery has enlisted for this feature. They include Contiki, Royal Caribbean International and World Leisure Holidays.

How cash back credit cards work.

It is important to note that the amount you qualify for as cash back depends on your Vitality status and how long you’ve been a cardholder. Not every Discovery cardholder will be entitled to 20% cash back on their holiday package.

If you have been an active Discovery cardholder for less than three years, you will get 10% back regardless of whether your status is blue, bronze, silver or gold.

Those who have been using their Discovery credit card for between three and five years will enjoy cash back in the following percentages according to their status:

  • Blue – 10%
  • Bronze – 11%
  • Silver –12%
  • Gold – 13%
  • Diamond – 15%


For those who have been cardholders for more than five years, the cash back ratios are as follows:

  • Blue – 10%
  • Bronze – 12%
  • Silver – 14%
  • Gold – 15%
  • Diamond – 20%


Discovery miles

Rewards for Discovery credit card holders are not limited to cash back benefits. When you use your DiscoveryCard to shop or travel, you can earn Discovery miles if you have activated this feature.

You can further add to your Discovery miles by making purchases at HealthyLiving partner stores using your DiscoveryCard.

Medical benefits

Medical care is not cheap, and your Discovery card can come in handy in helping mitigate your day-to-day healthcare bills.

If you have a Discovery card, you can activate the Health Wallet feature. It acts like a separate account where you save for your health care bills. You can either top the account up directly or fill it with your cash back rewards.


 As a Discovery credit card holder, you will also be entitled to great offers on tickets to some of South Africa’s most dominant musical showpieces.

All info was correct at time of publishing