Credit Card offers in South Africa from Discovery cards

Discovery Cards claim to be the most rewarding credit card on the market. Take a few moments to read through all the benefits you get when you own a Discovery Card and you will agree, they are the best.

Before we get to all the rewards of Discovery Cards, these are the requirements:

  • You have to be a Discovery Health or Discovery Life member, and also be part of Vitality
  • Your age must be 18 years or older
  • If you’re not a South African citizen, you need a valid work permit
  • You must earn a minimum of R80,000 a year.


The Benefits or Rewards of Discovery Cards

¬†If you buy at one of Discovery’s partner stores in South Africa, you can get up to 20% cash back, however, you must use your Discovery Card and be a Vitality member.

Booking a holiday with the likes of Royal Caribbean International or World Leisure Holidays, for instance, can save you money. Depending on the number of years you have been a member, you may get as much as 20% cash back.

If you activate Discovery Miles, you will earn Discovery Miles whenever you use your card for qualifying purchases.

The Benefits of Discovery Cards continued –

  • Discovery cardsDiscovery Miles is an e-currency.
  • There is an R375 linkage fee, payable on activation.
  • Every R15 you spend earns you 1 mile.
  • 10 miles gets converted to R1.
  • Convert the Discovery Miles into British Airways Avios points and South African Airways Voyager Miles.

You can pay with Discovery Miles in the online store called Discovery Mall. Here you will find 30 partners to which you have 24 hour Internet access.

  • Health Wallet is almost the same as a medical savings account. It helps you manage your out-of-hospital expenses.
  • Big Concerts is another official partner of Discovery Card. Big Concerts give you special access to fantastic deals and offers for some of South Africa’s best live shows.
  • If you book accommodation with the Vitality Hotel Collection, you can give your savings a boost by saving up to 50%, however, you must pay with your Discovery Card.

A few more Points on the Benefits of Discovery Cards –

  • Discovery Card also partners with KaChing or admyt. They give you the exclusive benefit of EasyPark.
  • EasyPark gives you hassle-free parking at selected shopping centres.
  • Download the KaChing or admyt app on your phone, and enter your vehicle and Card details.
  • On entering or exiting the shopping centre, your number plates get scanned, and the boom will open automatically.
  • Your parking fee is deducted from your Card and confirmed by notification.
  • You can also buy the latest Apple products interest-free through iStore on Discovery Mall.
  • Pay with your Card and get 12 months interest-free credit.
  • To qualify for the interest-free benefit, you must purchase for between R1,000 and R25,000.
  • To get the most value out of your Card, you should try and increase your Vitality status.
  • The higher your status, the better your rewards.
  • Healthy Living Miles Multiplier gets based on your Vitality status.
  • Increase this, and you can multiply your Discovery Miles by up to 10 times.
  • You get free overseas travel insurance if you pay with your Discovery Credit Card.
  • You can use your Discovery Card worldwide at all Visa outlets.
  • Discovery gives you 55 days interest-free on all your purchases using your Card.


As you can see, it appears to be ridiculous not to take advantage of, and enjoy, the numerous benefits offered by Discovery Card. If you don’t have one already, go online and order yours today.

All info was correct at time of publishing