Credit card companies take note of new entrant to the market – Discovery

The list of credit card companies is something to see, as it contains a very diverse group of providers. New players join the list daily, weekly and monthly.

The sheer variety of options and benefits available almost overwhelms one, yet it gives you the opportunity to select the best package for your lifestyle.

Credit card Companies welcome the Discovery credit Card.

Discovery is known as a business that focuses on ensuring you are living your life to the full. Their cover caters for your wellbeing.

They pursue in helping you make choices for a healthier life. One that can prolong your years while covering expenses relating to your health.

Discovery’s card share similar traits with other rewards credit cards, in also adding benefits to their card.

As you use it, in your everyday life, you can get discounts or accumulate points with their “Discovery Miles” point system.

Although there are likenesses between the Discovery card and other credit card companies, they provide their own unique way on rewarding their clients.

Credit card Companies

A summary of benefits appears below, however, you can get a lot more in-depth info on their website.

There are five categories in which you can benefit from using their credit card

  • Running errands
  • Roaming the world
  • Gaining miles
  • Experiencing illness
  • Enjoying diverse live shows


Running errands

Every week there is the necessity to go shopping. You only need to buy groceries once a month. Weekly shopping includes fresh produce like fruit, vegetables and baked goods.

There are times you may need clothes, appliances or other merchandise, in which case a credit rewards card comes in handy.

Each errand costs you money, but if you buy from shops that partner with Discovery, you receive an estimated 20% back on your spending.

Roaming the world

If you are a roamer, then the Discovery Credit Card can benefit you greatly. There are specific vacation companies in partnership with Discovery. If you make use of their deals, you can get 20% back on the amount you spend.

Gaining miles

Another way you can benefit is in activating their points (miles) option. As you swipe your card in making payments all over the world, you gather points

There are selected stores linked to Discovery, which will increase your miles significantly if you choose to shop with them. The miles are also available for discount on travelling, whether for business or pleasure.

Experiencing illness

Use the credit card in the unfortunate event of you or your family falling ill. It’s a different service, specifically for health-related costs, which can be linked to your card.

Enjoying diverse live shows

Discovery is partnered with “Big Concerts”. In owning one of their credit cards you can also qualify in obtaining great deals for amazingly diverse live shows.

So there you have it. A brand new credit provider. What are you waiting for?

All info was correct at time of publishing