Get to know a leading Credit card bank – African Bank

In South Africa, we have many options in deciding where we want to bank. African Bank ranks high on the list.

Choosing a bank is an important decision, due to the fact that it will be the place you entrust your income.

In making informed decisions about investing our hard-earned money, we need to do some homework on the services the banks provide.

Only by reading up and comparing the various options will you be able to know which will fit your lifestyle the best.

African Bank and their Credit Card options

African Bank offers financial solutions to meet any and every need. From cash-strapped students to global corporations

However, the focus here will be on African Bank’s credit card facilities, as they are considered to be a prominent bank in the credit account service sector.

What is it about African Bank that makes it a leading credit card bank? Having a credit account from them gives you a range of significant benefits.

  • Every payment made at a cash register, in South Africa, has no extra or hidden costs
  • All SMS bank notifications are free of any charge.
  • In the event of an unexpected event, you can receive life coverage on credit, also.

This insurance covers:

  • If you pass  away or a loved one
  • The loss of your job, due to downscaling at work
  • Finding yourself disabled, whether short or long term
  • When you are forced to take leave which excludes getting paid or short-term retrenchment
  • Plus any other short term incident included in the terms and conditions

African Bank

Apply for the free facilities that African Bank provides, be it online or cellular-phone benefits

These services consist of you being able to:

  • Check your current credit account balance
  • Get reports on your account(s)
  • Put your account on hold, if your credit card has been stolen or misplaced
  • Make payments into your credit card’s account
  • Request the bank to increase the maximum amount on your credit account.
  • Instant access to the new credit amount is available if you meet the requirements

The application for a credit card account requires the following:

  • Only those who are above the age of 18 can apply
  • A copy of your identification document (ID)
  • Evidence of your earnings, payslips from the last three months
  • Your latest bank report, with the inclusion of the most recent three bank payments you made
  • Confirmation of your address, Municipal account etc.


There will be no approval or even consideration for any application that has out-dated or forged documents attached.

All the documentation needs to be legitimate and up to date. African Bank is a serious credit provider whose emphasis is on accommodating your lifestyle.

All info was correct at time of publishing