Calling all billionaires! Calling all billionaires!

Who qualifies for a Nedbank black credit card? Well, to be honest, unless you are Bill Gates or Sir Richard Branson I would stop reading. This card is for the super wealthy only.

The Nedbank black Credit card and What it means to Have it

Only a fortunate few are cardholders as cards are issued on an invitation-only basis. Cardholders must fall into the super-rich category seeing as card fees cost more than many household annual incomes

A card holder has access to a range of exclusive privileges that would make you shake your head in awe. (If you’ve read this far you’re either rich or fascinated.)

If ever snob value could be attached to a credit card, then surely it must be THE black card known as the Amex Centurion. Nedbank, in partnership with American Express, issue THE black card to a fortunate few South Africans.

Nedbank black credit cardWhat makes The black Card special?

The number of Amex Centurion credit cards in circulation is unknown, as is the identity of the holders. And that’s exactly what makes the Amex Centurion so special.

No one can “apply” for the Amex Centurion. It is issued by Nedbank on an invitation-only basis.

What are The criteria that Qualify you For an Amex Centurion cardholder?

One simply has to be SUPER RICH with a five-star credit rating. Cardholders must spend in the region of at least a quarter of a million US dollars – around R350 000 – using their card, every year. Card fees alone amount to many a South African’s annual income.

Plus there is a $7 500 start up fee and an annual card fee of $2 500. This equates to annual charges in the region of R135 000, depending on the current Rand/Dollar exchange rate.

What are The perks of the Nedbank black Credit card?

Most black cardholders would regard the fees as a cheap price to pay in return for the many perks associated with the Amex Centurion.

The Amex Centurion is issued by Nedbank Private Wealth division, and as CEO, Vince Boulle, explains, the card is aimed at clients demanding a high level of personal service. In fact, these personal services surpass anything else presently offered in South Africa.

Get your Own personal valet waiting On your Every call

Clients enjoy 24/7 access to a team of dedicated service professionals. Appointed by Nedbank Private Wealth and known as Centurion Relationship Managers, they handle all leisure and business needs.

Their specialist help includes financial, travel, lifestyle and entertainment advice and arrangements. Members of this “exclusive club” enjoy hotel and airline upgrades, access to private airport lounges, VIP access to exclusive events and a round-the-clock concierge service.

So whether it’s a first-class flight to New York or tickets to Wimbledon, the wishes of Amex Centurion cardholders are taken care of by the team.

The history of the Nedbank black Credit card

American Express launched the card in 1999 to the surprise of many who thought it to be a myth. Strictly speaking, the Centurion is not a credit card. In reality, it’s a charge card and there are no spending limits or interest fees. Cardholders must settle their bill in full at the end of each month.

And in Conclusion…

Owning a black Amex Centurion card is the stuff dreams are made of. The cards are issued, on an invitation-only basis, to the mega rich with a five star bank account. As Nedbank’s Private Wealth CEO, Vince Boulle, says, cardholders are people who simply want more out of life.

Apart from a personal assistant to ease their busy lifestyles, they also seek privileged access to unique events, both globally and at home.

All info was correct at time of publishing