Virgin Money just won the credit card popularity contest.

Anyone interested in getting a credit card would obviously like to have the most popular credit card available. And why not? It’s called ‘style’.

So, what is the most popular credit card in South Africa? Virgin Money credit cards have been chosen as the most popular by South African consumers.

Reasons why Virgin is Ranked the Most popular Credit card

Most popular credit cardValue for money is the main reason for Virgin’s success. Unlike other financial service providers, Virgin Money does not charge account-holders monthly or annual fees for the privilege of owning a credit card.

Its service fees are among the lowest in the industry and card-holders have automatic FREE access to the Virgin Rewards Programme.

Other popular Credit cards:

African Bank Gold Credit Card – Ranked in the second position. The reason for this is primarily its free transaction fees benefit. Other benefits include no minimum salary requirement and low interest rates.

Nedbank Classic, Gold and Greenback credit card range – In the third position. Card-holders can transfer cash from one Nedbank account into another. Nedbank is also listed as providing fantastic customer care services.

Go Banking from Pick ‘n Pay and the Kulula credit card are the other two consumer favourites. While these cards offer fewer rewards and higher monthly charges, they are popular because of the discounts card-holders receive when shopping at Pick ‘n Pay or booking flights with Kulula.

Also on the List of Popular credit Cards:

  • Standard Bank’s Blue Bean
  • American Express
  • South African Voyager issued by South African Airlines
  • ABSA bank credit cards credit card


Factors which consumers must take into consideration when applying for a credit card include:

  • Monthly fees
  • Interest rates when using credit facilities
  • Other services linked to the card
  • Customer care services


The types of credit cards you can find in South African begin at the low-end with the least monthly salary required-

  • R2 000 for an Absa Transact Credit Card
  • R3 000 for Nedbank Classic
  • R4 000 for Absa Gold
  • R5 000 for Virgin Money
  • R5 000 for Standard Gold
  • R6 700 for FNB Gold
  • R8 300 for Nedbank Gold


In the upper-income bracket salary requirements are:

  • R25 000 for Standard Titanium and Absa Platinum
  • R29 000 for Nedbank Platinum and FNB Premier
  • R58 000 for Standard Platinum
  • R62 500 for FNB Private Clients
  • R125 000 for FNB Private Wealth


Credit card limits are determined by your profile. High-end earners qualify for top products and have much higher credit limits. The broad range of the South African salary profile means there is a myriad of credit cards to suit every budget.

All info was correct at time of publishing