Visa Platinum Card Offers

Which Credit Card is for high net worth individuals? Just like silvery white platinum is a precious and extremely rare metal, the Visa Platinum Card speaks of exclusivity too. It is this very rarity that has given the metal an aura of exclusivity and wealth. Read further for more on Visa Platinum card offers.

When it comes to platinum debit and credit card, they offer greater prestige and privileges than gold cards.

The Visa Platinum Speaks of Status

Visa Platinum CardIn certain areas of life, platinum ranks higher than gold and silver. The frame of the crown of Queen Elizabeth is made of platinum, and platinum has found its way into attractive credit cards too. Say what you like, at a business dinner, people secretly love hauling out their platinum visa card because they believe it puts them up there, giving them a certain status without having to say a word.

People just assume that the platinum visa card is the highest standard visa card for high net worth clients. Certainly, the cards come with a range of desirable perks –

  • each card has its own features, benefits and terms of conditions
  • you know that people who have these cards benefit in different ways and that they are entitled to travel cover insurance as well as discounts on accommodation when they stay at certain hotels.
  • the banks that issue these Platinum Visa cards have trade links with certain organisations and they pass on wonderful package deals to their platinum visa card holders.


Platinum Visa Owner

As a platinum visa credit card owner, you can look forward to a number of other benefits such as –

  • personal concierge services
  • complimentary insurance cover when you travel
  • platinum perks such as receiving exclusive invitations to sporting events as well as enjoying discounts when it comes to shopping and dining


Not everyone can qualify for platinum credit cards and in fact, there are high requirements to meet if you want one. You will need to compare them and pay special attention to things like annual fees, interest rate offers and rewards programme in terms of how many points you get with every Rand you spend.

These sought after cards will require that you earn a certain income. And in exchange, you will get lots of complimentary extras. Many of these cards, for instance, come linked to rewards programs, and cardholders can earn rewards according to how they spend.

Your Income and Credit Ranking come into Play

The conditions for application vary by financial institution. And whether a person gets the card or not. The application is mostly dependent on the client’s income and their credit ranking.  People with an excellent credit ranking stand a good chance with the Platinum Visa card.

There’s No Stopping You Now – Visa Platinum Card

The Internet has seriously altered the way we do business and people apply for their Visa cards online. You can also apply online for your Platinum Visa Card. Once your application is successful, the bank will activate your card and then the world becomes your oyster.

All info was correct at time of publishing