Get a Credit Card from Virgin Money Online

Who can apply for a credit card from Virgin Money? Anyone really, although you will need to be 18 years of age, be a South African resident with an ID book, have a savings or cheque account and be earning a salary. Read further for more on a credit card from Virgin Money online.

You may have received a credit card offer in the mail and decided to sign up. You shouldn’t just go for the first card you see. Do research to find a credit card that works for you.

Virgin Money South Africa launched in 2006 and they offer a range of financial products that offer good value. Their credit card comes with unique benefits such as-

  • no annual card fees
  • no monthly services fees
  • up to 55 days interest-free on your credit card transactions as well as free automatic travel insurance
  • free automatic lost card insurance
  • no card swiping charges
    Your Credit Limit Based on your Credit Score and your Earnings


Credit Card from Virgin Money Online

When Virgin Money approves your card, they will give you a card with a credit limit based on your credit score and what you earn. Your score will be reviewed regularly and if you manage your card well your credit limit can increase.

A credit card from Virgin Money Online allows you to pay your credit card account by way of cash or cheque deposits, electronic funds transfer or by debit order.

A Virgin Money Credit Card comes with some excellent benefits, and for starters, you can apply online or call them on 0861 822 273. They charge a variable interest rate and you have up to 25 days at the end of each month to settle your balance. Virgin Money believes they give customers a better deal with their range of financial products that are good value. There are lots of benefits with getting a Virgin Money Card such as free automatic lost card insurance, no card swiping charges, 55 days interest-free and more.

Applying for a Virgin Money Credit Card Online is easy

  • to apply you need to be earning a salary. According to the salary you earn, you’ll need to compare your credit card options. With Virgin Money, you can search for- and compare the different cards on their credit card page.
  • you can use the comparison tables they provide compare similarly to credit cards side by side.
  • if you want to look at more information, you can click on ‘more info’ to read reviews of each card.
  • you’ll get information on the card such as features and benefits as well as fees and rates
  • click through to the online application
  • the application forms will differ slightly according to the card you’re applying for
  • completely fill in all your details and submit


Top Security in Place – Credit Card from Virgin Money online

The information you provide about yourself is also used as a security measure and it is verified against the data stored in the Virgin Money credit card database. The card security code is those last 3 digits on your signature panel which is found on the back of your credit card. Also, this is the second level of security to assure you’re in possession of the card you are activating.

So getting a Virgin Money Credit Card is easy and with such a card, who knows what exciting plans you can start making.

All info was correct at time of publishing