Visa Student Credit Card from Absa

The Visa Student Credit Card from Absa is made for ambitious students who want to get ahead in life.

It can also provide underprivileged young people with a means to secure financial independence. And not only that, but this card is also useful for teaching students about the responsibilities of adult life early on.

It does this by allowing young people to establish their banking profile.

Visa Student Credit CardAnd also by helping them towards building a good credit score.

It can also be a way of providing emergency funds to students who are living away from home for the first time (Or to help them make ends meet at the end of the month, or for when students need to make large purchases.

All in all the Visa Student Card is perfect for ambitious and up and coming students.

Not only that, but it is also perfect for young professionals or for someone who has never owned a credit card.

But to qualify you do need to earn a very small income.


You must also undergo an affordability evaluation and must be studying full time through either distance learning or at a University, University of Technology, or private tertiary institution.

Benefits and Advantages

  • You do not have to pay monthly service fees to own this card.
  • Owning a credit card early in life is useful because it allows you to start building your credit history. And this allows you to get loans cheaper, for instance, your home loan.
  • This card can be used almost anywhere in the world. And is accepted by millions of merchants in dozens of countries.
  • Interest rates are low, plus you pay no interest for the first 57 days from making a purchase.
  • If you buy airline tickets with your card, you get complimentary travel insurance.


How to qualify for a Visa Student Credit Card

  • You need to be between the ages of 18 and 30 years old.
  • You need to be in and studying full time through distance learning or at a University, University of Technology or private tertiary institution.
  • Also, you will also have to undergo an affordability evaluation. It is a test which helps the credit card company decide if you’re able to repay the money on your card.
  • And you are also subject to certain terms and conditions.


To apply for a Visa Student Credit card, you will need the following

  • An up to date green ID book or identity card.
  • FICA compliant certificate of residence.
  • Your last three months bank statements for confirming income. Or a certified letter from your legal guardian proving your monthly allowance.

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