Getting Your First Credit Card from FNB – Choose the Correct Account

FNB Bank has tailored their credit card facility to suit and cater for the unique needs of the banking public. The cards are tiered to provide for both personal banking and business banking needs. As such the options available to customers are broad and straightforward to access when getting their first credit card. Under Personal Banking, FNB provides a variety of 5 credit cards which cater to consumers based on their economic status.

Get Your First Credit Card from FNB

The first tier or entry level card is in the PetroCard family. Designed to cater for individuals who earn a minimum of R80 000 annually, the card offers free AA roadside assistance. It also offers free take me home services as well as personalised interest rates and limits. The card has installed the advanced contactless card payment ability and uses the chip and pin security features to safeguard against theft.

The second tier card is the Gold card which caters for those earning between R80 000 and R350 000. In addition to the basic benefits offered by the Petro Card, the Gold Card unlocks the consumers’ access to trade partners’ linked promotions and rewards such as eBucks Rewards and Global Insurance Travel Cover. The Premier Card is the link to the private banking spectrum. This card caters for professionals who earn between R350 000 and R750 000 per annum. The Premier Card provides access to Private Premier Bankers. The card offers more Trade linked rewards which even include discounts and price reduction on services from that trade partner.

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More FNB Accounts to Choose From When Getting Your First Credit Card:

To cater for high net worth clients, FNB provides the Private Clients and Private Wealth. These accounts apply for individuals earning between R750 000 and R1 500 000 and those earning above R1 500 000 respectively. FNB tailors these two accounts around the lifestyles of the consumer. These accounts give them automatic access to lifestyle related trade linked rewards. Features of the account include a private banker, free delivery of the credit card and more mobile and remote banking facilities.

Similarly, FNB Business accounts are also split between the general accounts with generic features and the more specified features accounts. The three generic accounts include the Gold, Platinum and Enterprise Business Accounts. Organizations can choose between these accounts based on the revenue they generate per annum. The niche accounts include Agriculture Business, Public Sector Business, General Trust and also the Attorneys Trust Accounts. The latter are designed to cater for and meet the specific requirements of the specialised industry business owners in those industries serve.

FNB also provides platforms for the younger generation to embark on their financial management journey. FNB provides through its various savings accounts products. These include Youth Account for those under 13 years, Teens and Student Accounts, My First Savings Account, Starting Out Account and the unique Islamic Youth Account which does not charge interest for both the debit and the credit account. Other accounts include the Transactional Accounts that allow one to carry out basic banking transactions or to save towards a set target. More accounts are also available like the Global Account, the FNB Easy Account and the Cheque Account.

All info was correct at time of publishing