Business Visa Credit Cards From FNB

FNB lays claim to the honour of the oldest banks in South Africa, having been first established in 1838. At that time it was known as Eastern Province Bank. FNB has established business visa credit cards for the people of South Africa

That FNB has survived and thrived over close to 180 years is a testament to its knowledge of the market it serves. It also speaks of an institution that swiftly adapts to a changing environment. In 1998 FNB became a wholly owned subsidiary of FirstRand Bank.

FNB aims to serve both businesses and individuals with financial products to meet their needs.

business visa credit cardsTypes of business visa credit cards

In this vein, the bank has come up with a range of Visa-branded credit cards that make the lives of its customers more convenient. Hence they are described below:

Gold Credit Card

This card is targeted at people who earn between R80,000 and R349,000 a year. It offers customers who meet this criterion a bevvy of benefits including:

  • Free comprehensive global travel insurance
  • Debt protection on your loans
  • Emergency roadside assistance from AA
  • Great discounts on various products when you shop
  • Earn points (eBucks) as you shop that qualify you for more rewards
  • Personalised interest rates and 55 interest-free days


If you like what you hear, you can begin the application process right away by heading over to the FNB website. So on the Gold card page, you will find a link that will help you begin the application process. It will take you through different sign-on procedures depending on whether or not you’re an FNB customer. So among the documents required are a copy of your payslip, bank statements for the past three months and your national ID.

Premier Credit Card

That is an even more exclusive product made for people who earn an annual salary of between R350,000 and R749,000. To maintain this card, you require footing monthly fees of R199 for your premier bundle account. You will also need to pay at least R63 as a credit card monthly fee and a credit facility fee of R13. There is also a one-off initiation fee of R165. It sounds like a lot, you say; what do I get in return? In addition to the Gold Credit Card perks, you get:

  • Discounted Uber rides
  • Earn eBucks when you fuel or pay your pre-paid electricity bill
  • A team of dedicated bankers to attend to your financial needs


Private Clients Credit Card

If you fall within the salary bracket of R750,000 – R1,499,999, you should ask about the Private Clients Credit Card. It attracts a monthly fee of R157 in addition to a monthly credit facility service charge of R13. For this you earn the following rewards:

  • Higher discounts when you swipe at retailers or shop online
  • Your private banker to help safeguard and grow your wealth
  • Access to SLOW lounges both within South Africa and abroad


Private Wealth Card

Earn an annual salary of R1.5 million or more; FNB has a particular credit card for you. The Private Wealth card offers you a host of incredible rewards including:

  • No transaction fees
  • Up to 5 additional credit cards
  • Limitless card payments


You can access the rewards and features of all these business visa credit cards via online banking or through the corresponding mobile app.

All info was correct at time of publishing