Get a VISA Credit card application in South Africa From a World leader

What you need to know about a Visa credit card application. VISA and MasterCard are the world’s leading credit card companies.

They’re competitors. Both of them have billions of cards issued to people in countries right across the world.

Visa doesn’t issue their credit cards as it is just a method of payment. It relies on the banks in different countries to issue the credit cards, and the banks make use of their methods of payment.

Your bank sets the interest rates, annual fees and rewards. Your monthly payment is to the bank that issued the card such as ABSA or Standard Bank.

More about a VISA Credit card application?

VISA offers a Platinum card and rewards the cardholder with exclusive offers to sports events as well as concierge services.

People concern themselves about trivialities as to which is better, Visa or Mastercard. They are much the same, and it’s wiser to look at the interest rate and other charges on the card

With your Visa card, what you spend is deducted from your bank account, You can use your card pretty much anywhere – locally and abroad. What’s more, you can receive funds from anyone.

Visa credit card application

Do I apply Online or In-Branch for a card?

With so much on offer from a Visa credit card, how do you apply for one? You can apply at any bank, or an online credit card marketplace.

These sites are useful because you can compare cards and rates online.

Tips for application –

  • First, check your credit history with a credit reference agency like Experian, as providers run a credit history check
  • Log on to the appropriate website
  • On the credit card site, you can use an eligibility tool before you make your application
  • Fill in the application form. You need at least the following details –
  • A permanent address
  • Phone number
  • Your ID number
  • Employer’s address and phone number
  • The most recent salary slips or bank statements


If you don’t want to apply online, call in at your local bank branch.

VISA Credit card application

When applying for a Visa Credit Card, have all the above information ready. Be honest with your answers. On approval, you will receive the card in the post.

It’s worth getting a VISA card in South Africa because you get customer phone support 24/7 from Visa Global Customer Care Services.

When you call them, you get a quick, accurate card and account benefit information as well as customer services in all the main languages.

Stolen Card?

If your card is stolen, Visa’s Global Customer Services is there to help you day and night,  no matter where you find yourself in the world.

Their contact numbers are 0800 990475, and if you want, you can also place a collect call to +1 303 967 1090 from wherever you are.

All info was correct at time of publishing