How to Find a Credit Card from Woolworths

When it comes to deciding what credit card to own, you won’t be sorry if you consider the credit card from Woolworths. This card provides a host of benefits, right at your fingertips.

You can purchase fashion clothes and make-up, you can buy the freshest and organic food types at their delectable food counters, or if you are decorating your home, you will be amazed at the vast selection available at Woolworths. All this with just one card!

Choose the One that Suits your Lifestyle

The Woolworths credit card has incredible advantages such as –

  • You’ll get automatic membership to WRewards. It’s the Woolworths Loyalty Programme which was voted best of the year at the International Loyalty Awards. So with this programme in place, you will benefit from getting 10% of instant savings on special goods. There are over a thousand of them. With WRewards, the more you spend, the higher the rewards. Also, with the Green Rewards from Woolworths, you can accelerate your tiered programme status by purchasing their unique Credit Card from Woolworthsenvironmentally-friendly products.


  • You will receive exclusive invitations to preview Woolworths sales goods.


  • With the Credit Card from Woolworths, you can expect up to 55 days interest-free. It will be as long as you pay your account fully by the due date.


  • You receive a choice of payment options. For instance, you can pay your account via a debit order, via ATM, telephone or internet banking. Call Woolworths on 0861 50 20 20 and consultants will help you set up a suitable debit order facility for you.


More Reasons to get a Credit Card From Woolworths

  • Receive your credit card statements electronically, via e-mail.
  • Woolworths has a mobile self-service. It means you can download the handy Woolworths app and be able to access your Woolworths account balance instantly. You’ll also be able to see what available credit you have.
  • Woolworths offers the Black credit card, the Gold credit card and the Silver credit card. If you earn a monthly income of over R 2,000, you can apply for the silver card. This card will make you 1% on products bought in Woolworths and 0.5% on goods purchased outside Woolworths. The Woolworth Gold card makes you 2% of Woolworths in-store products and 0.75% on outside store purchases. For the Gold credit card, you will need to earn R 10,000 each month to qualify.Woolworths top-range card is the Black credit card where you will make 3% on Woolworths in-store products and 1% on outside Woolworth’s purchases. You will also benefit from 2 free teas or coffees at any of the Woolworths restaurants per month. If you buy from their online shop, you will receive free delivery to your home.
  • To own a Black credit card, you need to earn over R 41,666 per month and be over the age of 18 with a valid ID number.


Credit Card from Woolworths Benefits

When applying for the card of your choice at any Woolworth’s store or on-line, their consultants will be able to let you know which credit card you qualify for.

So with a Woolworths credit card in your wallet, you can be sure of rewards and vouchers every time you swipe your credit card which means you win all round.

All info was correct at time of publishing