Credit Cards for Students from ABSA teaches them financial responsibility

Students who have finished with matric and are in college or university have an entirely new set of responsibilities. That’s why ABSA has created credit cards for students.

They’ve got to be responsible for learning without being coaxed and spoon fed, and they’ve got to stand up for themselves.

Learn to handle Finances responsibly with Credit Cards for Students

Many students move from their parent’s home for the first time as well. They’ll be needing a car. And being responsible with a credit card can teach them important aspects of handling finances in the future.

Once their studies are over, young entrepreneurs may require business loans and that’s when banks check their credit history.

There are many advantages to having a student credit card. Some of these include support from ABSA with payment options as well as rewards geared towards students.

For ABSA’s 24-hour support call 0861 462 273.

Being responsible with a Credit card and Timely payment of monthly Fees builds your Credit rating for the Future

Credit cards for students

There are also additional rewards for paying on time. The most important aspect is that ABSA is granting students lower limits and rates so that students can start building credit.

You can apply for a student credit card from ABSA online. Click on the green ‘Apply Now’ button and answer the questions.

It’s in ABSA’s interest to help students build credit; you are the future. ABSA have a range of credit cards that cater to all income groups and that includes you as a student.

If you earn R800 a month and a full-time student at a private tertiary institution, college or university, you can apply for a student credit card from ABSA.

If you’re not working, you must provide a signed letter from parents or guardian confirming an allowance amount.

Some benefits of Credit cards for Students

  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Shop online – useful for when you need to buy books, stationery and even a computer
  • No monthly service fee
  • Up to 57 days interest-free on purchases
  • Automatic primary travel insurance
  • By using your credit card to pay for purchases you earn great rewards
  • For lost or stolen cards call 0800 111 155


To apply for an ABSA student credit card, you’ll need a South African ID, proof of residence and three months bank statements or salary slips.

Take a step towards independence with ABSA credit cards for students. It is ABSA’s aim to help students build a banking profile. You must show proof of registration at a University, FET college or private tertiary institution and you must be 18 years or older.

Your credit card is the first step towards independence.

All info was correct at time of publishing