Standard Bank Credit Cards Are for Winners in the Game of Life

Standard Bank offers credit cards to its clients as an alternative to carrying cash. Credit card holders can spend money more safely in a variety of places – in shops, online or even overseas. Here we will have a look at Standard Bank credit cards. There are many reasons why getting a credit card could be a good idea, including the following:


You will have instant access to money without having to carry cash


Shopping online and in-store is safer and easier with a credit card. There are many payment apps (such as MasterPass) that make your credit card even safer and most cards also have lost card protection, which means that you are covered if your card is stolen.

Worldwide acceptance

You can use your credit card to make payments when overseas and can even withdraw cash from overseas ATMs (although this is expensive)

Credit Record

Your bank will look at your credit history if applying for a loan or financing. If you have used a credit card and paid it off in good time, then you will have a good credit record and therefore quicker approval for a loan or possibly favourable interest rates.


Standard Bank Credit CardsMost banks offer reward points when you spend money on your credit card. Standard Bank has a system called UCount, which offers rewards in the form of points which can be converted to goods.

Emergency Funds

Big expenses can be paid off in monthly instalments through a credit card’s budget facility, which can be very helpful in cases such as unexpected medical bills, emergency travel or purchasing large appliances.

Travel insurance

When paying for overseas flights on your credit card you get free basic travel insurance (and can supplement this cover at a discounted rate).

The Different Standard Bank Credit Cards

Standard Bank offers the following credit cards:

Platinum Card

Monthly fee: R80.70

Credit limit: R250000

Minimum monthly income: R58000

Personalised interest rate

Gold Card

Monthly fee: R50.44

Credit limit: R100000

Minimum monthly income: R5000

Personalised interest rate

Titanium Card

Monthly fee: R65.57

Credit limit: R150000

Minimum monthly income: R5000

Personalised interest rate

World Citizen Card

Monthly fee: R252.19

Credit limit: R250000

Personalised interest rate

UCount Rewards

Spending on your Standard bank credit cards will earn you UCount rewards, which reward clients as outlined below.

  • Every ten points are worth R1
  • Reaching 401 points moves you up a tier (of five tiers) where points increase for each swipe
  • you can redeem points at partner stores (e.g. Clicks, Makro, Caltex) or at UCount Rewards Online Mall and UCount Rewards Travel Mall
  • You can also donate your points to charity

All info was correct at time of publishing