Apply for Visa Credit Card to Travel Overseas

Stuffing a bag full of currency whenever you travel abroad is so old school. Apply for Visa credit card! Particularly in the age of Visa-enabled ATMs. Instead of carrying notes in your home currency and then looking for a bureau to change them in, you can only take your Visa credit/debit card.

With this card, you will be able to use the ATMs in your destination country to withdraw cash in the local currency.

Just look for an ATM with the Visa logo, and you won’t have to look hard. There are over two million of these ATMs around the world.

Apply for visa credit card

The only thing you will want to be sure of is that you have enough cash in your account to use if yours is a Visa debit card.

apply for visa credit cardYou might also want to check in with your home bank about the transaction fees for transactions at Visa ATMs in the country you’ll be visiting.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some more faqs on Visa use abroad:


  1. Will ATMs accept my card in the other country?

Your ATM card should work with any Visa-branded ATM as long as it has the Visa logo on it. A card with a PLUS logo should also work.


  1. Will the same PIN I use at home apply for ATMs abroad?

You should be able to use the same PIN you usually use at home. Some ATMs restrict PINs to four characters, but this shouldn’t be a problem as most PINs are four characters long.


  1. How will I know where these Visa or PLUS ATMs are at my destination?

There is an ATM locator on the Visa website which you should be able to view from mobile devices as well. If you spot a bank or shopping centre nearby, there is a good chance there are ATMs there. All you need to do is ensure they bear the Visa or PLUS logo.


  1. Will I be charged extra when withdrawing cash abroad?

Yes. Find out from your home bank what the Visa charges will be before you leave.


  1. In what language will the ATM issue instructions?

By default, an ATM will have directions in the language of its location. However, the first screen on ATMs these days asks you the language you want to be used. You should be able to switch to your preferred language there.


  1. What else will I be able to do at Visa ATMs abroad?

Besides making withdrawals, you should be able to inquire your account balance. This balance will display in your home currency or the destination currency depending on the machine’s settings.


  1. What happens if my card gets stuck in the ATM?

Cards are retained by ATMs if you try to enter the PIN more than a set number of times. It’s a security feature to curb fraud. If this happens to you, call the helpline number displayed at the ATM.

Before you apply for visa credit card, do your research thoroughly.

All info was correct at time of publishing