Credit Card from Capitec

The Internet is full of articles warning you of the dangers of credit cards. But they’re only dangerous to the people who abuse them and who lose control of them. Consider getting a Capitec credit card.

On the other side of the coin, a credit card that is well managed can be a powerful tool. If you had to pay for everything in cash, you’d never own anything really, and a credit card can open the door to owning some pretty useful items such as computers, fridges and clothing.

Have you had a job interview with no money to spend and a credit card has come to the rescue? It enabled you to buy an important clothing item so you could ace your interview with confidence.

Owning a credit card means understanding your credit card statement. Understand how the minimum payment amount works and knowing where to check for the date on which to pay the amount due. Capitec Bank offers a versatile credit card, and as a retail bank licensed by the Reserve bank of South Africa, you’ll want to know about their wonderful credit card.

A Credit Card from Capitec, one of South Africa’s Best Banks

Capitec is a bank that is regarded as one of South Africa’s leading banks and it is also looked upon as the best in the world. The bank has been awarded Lafferty Group’s highest 5-star rating – the only bank in the world among those rated to get a 5-star rating. The bank also achieved a record growth of 1.3 million new clients for the financial year to February 2017.

Some of the benefits of owning a Capitec Credit Card –

  • you get up to 55 days interest free
  • personalised credit based on your profile – credit limit of up to R150 000
  • Initiation fee is R100 and you pay R35 monthly fee
  • Interest rate of 14.75% – 20.75% – according to your credit profile
  • the Capitec credit card app lets you conveniently manage all your banking. You’ll be able to use your app to manage Capitec Credit Cardyour card, view your credit limit, view your budget balance and more
  • earn the highest interest – from 5.1% each year – on a positive balance
  • you’ve got access to emergency cash when you need it without applying for a loan
  • free payment protection as well as lost card- and travel insurance
  • cashless payments
  • for international payments no currency conversion fees
  • secure online purchased with Mastercard SecureCode
  • if you’re interested in this awesome Capitec Credit Card, you can visit a Capital Bank Branch and bring along your ID document to prove you’re older than 18 years of age. You’ll need your latest salary slips, proof of address as well as stamped bank statement showing your most recent salary deposits


Make Life Easier with this Glitzy Credit Card

When you see the shiny gold credit card from Capitec Bank you’re going to feel like a VIP and be the envy of anyone who sees it. Capitec Bank believes that with this credit card, it will feel as though life gets a lot easier for you.


All info was correct at time of publishing