Credit Card from ABSA

An ABSA Bank credit card well managed can offer a host of benefits and be an awesome financial tool in your wallet. A monthly statement and online account account can keep you up to date with your credit card spending.

To help you with your spending, credit card holders can benefit from a good many discounts and it’s a case of choosing the credit card that suits your lifestyle and your earnings.

ABSA Bank offers credit cards. They are a famous bank in South Africa – one of its largest financial services organisations who interact with their customers through different channels and offering a comprehensive range of banking services.

ABSA offers a range of credit cards, anything from their student credit card to their Affinity credit card to their platinum credit card as well as others. There is a credit card to suit all their customer’s budgets and lifestyle.

Useful ABSA Bank Credit Card Information a Helpful Resource

ABSA likes to keep their customers up to date on how their credit cards work. So for instance they’ll tell you that most credit purchases attract interest from the date of purchase. However the cardholder pays off the transaction fully before the end of these 55 days, the credit card company will charge no interest.

Cash withdrawals and fuel expenses are exempt from this interest-free period. ABSA advise you that with their credit cards, make sure that there is in fact credit before you make a purchase. They say that if you make all your payments on time, you’ll be able to maintain a good credit rating.

Just some benefits of an ABSA Credit Card –

• you can earn ABSA Rewards and benefit from a host of discounts
• up to 57 days interest free time on purchases
• basic travel insurance for trips of up to 90 days
ABSA Bank Credit Card• selected products have access to the Bidvest Airport Lounge
• you can take out life- or retrenchment insurance for just a small fee
• you can use your credit cards to shop online


Let’s just take a look at the Student Credit Card –

• for any student getting an allowance- or earning at least R800 a month
• you need to be a full time registered student at a University or college etc
• the credit card is accepted worldwide
• automatic basic travel insurance
• to apply for the card you must be between 18 and 30 years of age
• you’ll need a South African ID book or card, proof of residence and the most recent pay slips and bank statement
• to apply for such as card call ABSA on 0861 114 411 or email them at


To own the Platinum Credit Card, you’ll need to be earning R25 000 a month. You’ll be charged a monthly fee of R55.70 for this card and transactions are free. You also get Basic Travel Insurance cover for when you buy international return travel tickets.

What ABSA credit card appeals to you according to your lifestyle and your budget. ABSA is inviting you to compare their credit cards or to call them on 0861 46 22 73 if you need more help with choosing a credit card that will put you on a roll.

All info was correct at time of publishing