Visa vs Mastercard – Does it Matter?

What are the arguments for and against Visa vs Mastercard?

  • Very little difference between Visa and Mastercard
  • Both cards are recognised worldwide
  • Choose a card that best suits personal needs
  • Both cards offer different tiers of benefits
  • Higher level cards offer more perks

It really doesn’t matter whether the credit card in a consumer’s wallet is stamped Visa or Mastercard.

It doesn’t matter because there’s no real difference between these two credit cards.

They are both widely recognised in more than 200 countries and it’s rare for a location to accept one card and reject the other.

Visa vs Mastercard are payments only

The only thing that is important to understand is that Visa and Mastercards are merely payment processing networks.

While the cards are issued by banks, the payment processing networks act as facilitators between the banks and the merchants who supply the goods or services.

So, with this in mind, it’s really more important to consider the pros and cons of what a bank’s credit Visa vs Mastercardcard offers rather than to worry about whether it’s a Visa or Mastercard.

Added perks offered by both Visa and Mastercard include payment protection, rental car insurance and fraud security.

However, both credit cards may not offer perks such as rewards programmes, zero percent balance transfer deals or cash backs.

Visa vs Mastercard only comes into play if certain perks are important to the consumer.

What are the differences between Visa and MasterCard?

Both these credit cards offer different tiers of benefits.

The higher-tier credit cards include perks such as concierge services, discounted vacation and travel bundles, and access to private airport lounges.

However, Mastercard offers one notable perk not matched by Visa.

Mastercard holders are given a price reduction perk of between 60 and 120 days if they have purchased an item that is reduced in price within those time-frames. (Please note that there are certain exclusions).

Visa cards have two levels

Visa credit cards have two levels of benefits.

There is a standard or “base” level card or the more upmarket Visa Signature credit card.

What does the Visa base card offer?

·         Vehicle rental collision damage coverage

·         Extended purchase warranties

·         Unauthorised purchase cover

·         Emergency assistance

·         Card replacement

What does Visa Signature offer?

·         All based-level perks PLUS

·         24/7 concierge service

·         Discounted and privileged access to

·         Concerts and theatres

·         Sporting events

·         Travel bookings

Mastercards have three levels

There is the standard or “base” card, or the World and World Elite cards.

What does the base Mastercard offer?

·         Vehicle rental collision cover

·         Fraud liability protection

·         Emergency travel assistance

·         Card replacement

·         Extended warranties

·         Price protection for 60 days

What does the World Mastercard offer?

·         All base level perks PLUS

·         A dedicated personal travel advisor

·         Price protection for 120 days

·         Added perks at specified hotels such as complimentary breakfasts, room upgrades and late checkouts

What does the World Elite Mastercard offer?

·         All base and World level perks PLUS

·         Discounted car rentals

·         Discount airfares

·         Discounted holiday packages


All info was correct at time of publishing