Look for the Best deal with the best Credit Card comparison site

In 2007 Hippo.co.za launched in South Africa. It is an insurance company and the best credit card comparison site.

Before Hippo arrived, consumers had to phone around to different insurance groups. It took time trying to find the cheapest rates for their insurance needs.

Best credit card comparison siteThe best Credit Card comparison site Saves you Time

Hippo compares a large range of South African credit card providers for you. Their prices and benefits, and all this in just a few minutes.

Instantaneous real-time searches get the results fast. They compare motor insurance, home insurance, health insurance, business and life insurance and others.

With Hippo, the best credit card comparison site, you can save time looking for reliable quotes.

Once you’ve selected a credit card provider that suits your requirements, they will be in touch with you.

How does Hippo work?

To start, visit the product page that interests you, for example, credit cards.
Complete the Quick Quote form and submit.

On the search results page that appears, compare prices and benefits from a range of brands. All results are ordered by price, as Hippo don’t favour any particular provider.

When you decide on a provider, click the ‘I’m Interested’ button. The vendor of your choice will respond.

Hippo uses the latest cutting-edge technology so that customers get the best deal. Hippo has the most experienced web developers who get the best quote for their clients.

Some other Points worth Remembering –

  • Quotes are matched to each customer’s need from the list of providers
  • Hippo’s services are entirely free. Their commission comes from the provider on the sale of a product
  • Hippo  source the best interest rates you will pay on a negative balance


N.B. The interest rate on a negative balance is an important factor as there are many different credit cards you can choose.

There are many different banks too as well as their affinity partners such as retail stores.

If you don’t pay off your balance every month, the interest rate the bank charges on your negative balance is the primary way the bank earns its money.

Compare credit card Packages

People tend to think of credit cards as carrying high-interest rates. Or high monthly repayments and what seems like a never-ending cycle of paying off debt.

But actually, having a credit facility can be a good way of managing your finances.

Credit cards only have a bad reputation due to the people who mismanage them. Correctly managed they are a fabulous accessory in your wallet.

Hippo strives to Satisfy

Hippo aims to offer their customers a wide range of options without advertising any particular brand.

They give unbiased views on each of their credit cards. Hippo is part of the huge Telesure Group, who in South Africa, own many of the leading insurance brands.

Hippo makes sure all your information is highly confidential too so that the road to getting a credit card is stress-free.

All info was correct at time of publishing