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Blue Bean is the Standard Bank credit card brand for the South African market. The design of the card is to perfectly suit the client’s lifestyle while still giving them a choice. And giving them a chance to enjoy life while also providing hassle free banking. Get credit card information below.


Get Credit Card Information

The Blue Bean credit card offers the following features:

Get credit card information

  1. Contactless banking at any MastercardPayPass or PayWave POS for amounts up to R200.
  2. Chip and PIN security features to keep your credit card information safe.
  3. Secured Online Shopping
  4. Self – service banking
  5. Electronic statements received via email
  6. Credit Limit increase options
  7. Budget Facility which allows the client to spread their purchase payment period from 6-60 months.
  8. Automatic Travel Insurance that covers emergency medical services, personal accident and also roadside assistance in any foreign country. You must have bought and paid for the tickets in South Africa for this to be applicable. The Blue Bean Credit Card can also be used to transact in foreign countries upon prior notification to the bank.
  9. Credit Card Protection Plan which pays off amounts of up to R120 000 in the event of the account holders death, incapacitating accidental injury or disability or of being retrenched. This cover is optional and costs R1 000 monthly.
  10. Lost Card Protection which protects the card from fraud in instances where it is stolen or lost. PIN elective withdrawals and transactions are however not covered as such clients are advised to keep their PIN a secret at all times.
  11. Easy Credit Card Payment options which include payment by Debit Order or loading the card as a beneficiary on another account.
  12. We offer automatic bill payments. Deducting payments each month automatically without the client having to visit the bank.
  13. Fast and Easy Electronic inter-account transfers.

We simply things for you

Standard Bank has simplified the application process for the Blue Bean Credit Card and cut out stringent requirements. You can easily get credit card information about Blue Bean. The South African applicant has to be between the age of 18 and 65 years. They also have to produce their national identity card and fill out an application form.

The Blue Bean Credit Card has one limit. This is a major benefit because of it saves you the hassle in calculating credit limits. The client only chooses to spread their limit over the time they wish to use it.  Therefore they have the financial freedom by spending only what is available on their credit limit. Clients do have an option to apply for additional credit which can be done in two ways. Firstly the account holder can utilise their current credit facility and maintain a clean credit record for at least six months, after which they can apply for an increase.

The increase is subject to background checks of the previous credit record on the Blue Bean Credit Card. In the second option, a client may apply for a short goal oriented increase meant to facilitate a purchase which also allows a string of purchases over a certain agreed on period.




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