Company credit card Solutions from the Standard Bank

In running a company, there are many things to take into account and one of them is a Company credit card because finance is at the top of the priority list. Without it, you can’t operate.

The need to employ various people to fill open positions in different departments is a close second, furthermore, your finances must be secure.

Giving company money to employees, however, can be cause for concern. The main one being, can the employee be trusted with the money?

Although this is not a light matter, there are steps you can put in place to protect your company’s cash.

A company Credit card from the Standard Bank is the Answer

Standard Bank has developed solutions that help in the safe-keeping of your cash flow.

There are eight credit card options to choose from:

  • Individual Company
  • Travel Lodge
  • Virtual Diners Club
  • Forex Lodge
  • Procurement
  • Courier Diners Club
  • Garage
  • Aviation

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Individual Company Expenditure card

Used in connection with all the areas related to travel which include food, transport and living arrangements.

Travel Lodge Expenses

This card, issued to a manager in charge of arranging the company’s business trips, makes planning easier.

A Virtual Diners Club Card

Used for a one-time only business trip, therefore, it prevents fraud from occurring in the company name.

Forex Lodge Payments

For staff members that buy products from import suppliers. The need to make direct payments will benefit from this card as it helps decrease the extra charges and admin involved in importing goods.

Procurement Disbursements

A card for paying expenses with the various wholesalers, as a result, the payments run smoothly.

Courier Diners Club Card

Used by staff members that take care of payments connected to transport and delivery of goods, in addition, it helps the company avoid spending money and also lessens the admin.

A Card for Garage Expenses

Used to pay for any car-related payments, most of all, tollgates, petrol, and maintenance.

Aviation Disbursements

Issued to Pilots employed by the company, therefore, the card takes care of costs related to air travel.

A Company Credit card solution from the Standard Bank

The credit card options have been summed up, however, you can find out more details at your nearest Standard Bank branch or on their website.


All info was correct at time of publishing