Nedbank offers Greenbacks, Voyager miles, American Express etc. etc.

You should apply for a credit card from Nedbank because owning a credit card can be great fun. It gives you power and the cash to spend on things that you need.

If you are 18 years and older and have a good credit score, always pay your accounts on time, earn a salary, and you are a South African citizen, you can apply.

Nedbank offers a wide variety of credits cards. These cards can be linked, enabling you to take advantage of the exciting reward programmes.

When you Apply for a credit card from Nedbank check out the Types of cards –

  • Nedbank Greenbacks credit card
  • Nedbank credit card
  • SAA Voyager credit card
  • American Express credit card


The Greenbacks credit card offers you two options –

  • Apply for a credit card from NedbankGreenbacks Gold Credit Card
  • Greenback Platinum Credit Card


If you like to be rewarded every day as you spend, then get the Greenbacks credit card. As a member, you will earn Greenbacks when you spend.

If you link your card to the Nedbank American Express Card, for instance, you have the ability to earn double Greenbacks with every R5 you spend with your American Express Credit Card.

The Greenbacks Gold credit card has other enjoyable features too –

  • Zero transaction fees
  • Get up to 55 days credit, interest-free
  • Basic automatic travel insurance when you travel
  • Free SMS transactions
  • Access to ATMs globally
  • Option credit life cover

To obtain the Nedbank Gold credit card, you need to have an annual income of R100 000. For the Greenbacks Platinum credit card, you have to earn from R350 000 annually. Enjoy international and local purchasing with these cards.

 Apply for a credit card from Nedbank and get a SAA Voyager credit card

 With this credit card, you can earn miles as well as redeem them. You receive rates on everyday spending.  Use up your miles by redeeming them at SAA, Mango, Airlink, etc.

You could also redeem them for stays at accommodation partners. These include places such as Miles for Style or Legacy Lifestyle.

Hire a car from the relevant travelling partners, go on a cruise or stay at a health spa with your miles.

Apply for a credit card from Nedbank and get an American Express Credit Card

This card offers you a revolving credit facility. Owning it will allow you to pay only 5% of your outstanding monthly balance every month.

The American Express credit card comes in two options, the Gold credit card and the Platinum credit card.

They are perfect for when you have unexpected expenses, although many people love using it for their everyday expenses.

There is an affinity programme that you can support too when you apply for a credit card from Nedbank

Should you open any of their affinity-linked savings accounts, credit cards, cheque accounts or investment accounts or you decide to take out short-term insurance with them, they will make a contribution to the affinity programme you prefer.

That’s a bonus as well as simply  owning a Nedbank credit card.

All info was correct at time of publishing