How to get an ABSA Gold Credit Card

ABSA gold credit card. As with any credit card, it can be tempting to use it generously, but the secret is to use it in a disciplined manner. That way you can capitalise on the added perks your card provides.

The benefit with an ABSA credit card is if you pay off the full credit card balance each month, then you don’t pay interest.

Absa gold credit card – There’s always Extra Funds Available

ABSA credit cards are widely accepted, and you can use yours to swipe for single items. What’s great about these credit cards is the budget facility, use this when you need extra funds to buy an item.

Look at it as a short-term loan so that once you pay it, you can use it again.

A credit card can be extremely useful when you don’t have ready cash, and you can manage your finances more efficiently.

The Absa Gold Credit Card is an all-inclusive card. It opens doors to a host of lifestyle enhancing special offers and discounts.

ABSA gold credit card

Some features of the Absa gold credit card include –

  • Up to 57 days interest-free on individual purchases
  • You get extended credit for purchases over R300 – pay back over 6 to 48 months
  • A minimum monthly income of R4 000 is required
  • Receive an SMS or e-mail notification when you make a transaction, enabling you to keep  track on all your spending
  • Discounted access to Bidvest lounges at domestic and international terminals within South Africa
  • Access to secondary cards
  • Free monthly eStatements
  • Secondary cards for free such as the Garage Card, allowing you to pay for petrol, tollgates and repairs
  • Lost card protection
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Secure online shopping
  • Lifestyle enhancing special offers and discounts on travel, dining and shopping


Phone the ABSA call centre on 0860 100 372, go online or to the nearest ABSA branch to apply

You need to be 18 years or older, show proof of residence and have a South African ID book as well as the most recent proof of income.

On approval, you’ll be able to pay your bills and also make purchases online. You can use it in-store too. At the end of each month, you receive free monthly statements by post or by email.

You can also apply for an ABSA Gold Credit Card from a credit card comparison site. You’ll be able to compare the different fees companies charge and make your choice. These sites are independent and unbiased.

Absa gold credit card – Don’t delay – Apply now!

The Gold Credit Card from ABSA entitles you to a host of lifestyle enhancing offers and discounts from Visa or MasterCard, and with a monthly account fee of only R15.00 pm, it’s yours for the taking.

All info was correct at time of publishing