Credit Cards for Travel

What makes credit cards such useful travel companions? Credit cards are useful when you don’t want to carry cash with you. Here we will have a look at credit cards for travel and everything you might need to know.

You can use them for everything – from buying groceries to eating at a restaurant to putting petrol into your car’s tank. The beauty about credit cards for travelling is that you can also earn free points that you can redeem for cash.

The question is how do you choose the best travel credit card? Certainly, if you’re a frequent traveller, you’ll want the right credit card to get the most out of your travels.

For instance, you may want 24/7 concierge services where you have someone help you with all your travel arrangements as well as booking tickets to certain events when you don’t have the time. Or if you travel by road often you may appreciate having roadside assistance if you’ve lost your car keys or broken down on some unfamiliar, lonely road.

An Amazing Opportunity for Travellers to South Africa

Credit Cards for Travel

South Africa has many amazing opportunities for travellers, and while here in the country, you’ll use the South African Rand, the local currency.

Most travellers use credit cards, and in South Africa, you want to make sure that when you use yours, you never let it out of your site. Make sure you see all card processing. But which card should you be using? The UR Card or Unique Rand Card is a pre-paid credit card ideal for travellers coming into South Africa.

Valid for 3 Years – Credit Cards for Travel

The card is valid for up to about 3 years and once it expires, you can replace it with a new one completely free of charge.

You can order the card online and is available at different vendors on arrival in South Africa. Also, you can go to any Standard Bank branch and deposit cash to your URCard. You can also transfer funds from your foreign bank account into your URCard via EFT.

The UR Card is really an awesome travel companion because it’s your one-stop prepaid debit and discount card. The UR Card is a MasterCard for South Africans. Some of the UR Card’s features –

  • easy price structure and ease of use – excellent alternative to carrying cash
  • the card comes with an RICAd Sim Card registered according to South African law. You can buy airtime and data from the URCard website.
  • UR Card has partnered up with OnePlan Insurances and can offer you competitive insurance packages
  • on your holiday, you’re able to monitor your budget and your spending history too. This is done through an online account management system on the website of the URCard –


Conclusion – Credit Cards for Travel

If you’re travelling and you find it tricky sticking to a holiday budget, a pre-paid credit card for travel can be an excellent help for allowing you to spend so much and no more. Also protecting your travel cash in South Africa can’t be guaranteed. And the advantage of using credit cards compared to cash is obvious and helps you to enjoy a carefree getaway.

All info was correct at time of publishing