Credit Cards That are Available for Students

Credits Cards for Students

Sound financial management should begin at a young age, and a credit card for students provides the perfect solution.

Building a stable credit rating from a young age will enable students to access prime products and benefits from financial institutions once qualified and embarked on their new careers.

However, there is one golden rule of thumb to remember that will ensure a good credit record in future years.

Repaying outstanding credit card accounts on time will not only improve credit ratings but also keep interest rates to a minimum.

credit card for students

Qualification Criteria

  • Be a registered full-time student at an accredited South African university
  • Earn a minimum of R200 a month
  • Have a valid SA ID document/card
  • Also, you must be between the ages of 18 and 24 years

Here we spotlight two student cards available to South Africans.

Absa Student Credit Card

A plus factor of the Absa Student Credit Card is that it is free of monthly service fees and there are no charges when swiping the card for purchases.

Costs that do apply

  • Withdrawals – R3.95 plus 1.15% of withdrawal amount from Absa ATMs
  • Withdrawals – R9.95 plus 1.15% of withdrawal amount from other bank ATMs
  • Credit limit – R200 with an interest rate of 18%
  • Minimum monthly repayment – 3% on outstanding balance
  • Also, the interest rate is 0.2% on a positive balance


Nedbank Dezign Student Credit Card

  • Monthly service fee – R7.50
  • No charge for sale purchases when swiping card
  • Withdrawal fee – R3.50 plus 1.25% of withdrawal amount at Nedbank ATM
  • Withdrawal fee – R9.50 plus 1.24% of withdrawal amount at other bank ATMs
  • Credit limit – R500 with an interest rate of 21%
  • Minimum monthly repayment – 5% on outstanding balance
  • Also, no interest rate payment on a positive balance


How to choose the right credit card for students

Applicants should compare all available student credit cards before selecting a product to best suit their personal needs.

They should ensure that they can meet monthly repayments and cover the costs involved with the credit cards.

This website will allow students to investigate the best cards available for the South African market, the best interest rates available and the reasons why they should/or should not, apply for a credit card.

Therefore, the important criteria for comparison are interest rates and minimum monthly repayments.

Student credit card attractions

Apart from being able to access funds when needed, a student credit card will assist the holder to build a good credit record.

All info was correct at time of publishing