Credit Cards for Blacklisted People are Now Available

Credit Cards for Blacklisted People are Now Available!

They look the same as a credit card.

These cards work the same as a credit card.

They are credit cards – but work in reverse!


Instead of a bank giving credit to a blacklisted customer, they issue what is known as a pre-paid card.

The card is loaded with funds allocated by the client and operates the same as any other credit card.

However, the only difference is that the clients work with their money and not the banks.

That is the perfect solution for thousands of South Africans with bad credit ratings.

credit cards for blacklisted people

Problems Solved With Credit Cards for Blacklisted People

In this rapidly evolving technological age, consumers have to rely on a credit card to perform a variety of transactions.

  • Car Hire – one requires a credit card
  • Shopping online – one requires a credit card
  • And also transferring money from an overseas service provider – a credit card is required



These prepaid cards provide the solution.

  • They do not link to a bank account
  • Also, applicants do not have to pass any credit checks

Prepaid card functions

Direct access to:

  • Withdrawing funds from ATMs worldwide
  • Shopping in-store
  • And also shopping online

Prepaid card holders have two options:

Re-Loadable Card

This card gives applicants the option to top-up funds in the card.

Non-Reloadable Card

This card limits spending to the amount pre-loaded onto the card.

The beauty of pre-paid credit cards is not only because they are straightforward and easy to get and use, but it is also the fact that they look the same as a genuine credit card.

They have the same features such as security codes, expiry dates, and card numbers.

Some financial institutions offer prepaid cards, including Absa, FNB, Standard, Nedbank and Capitec.

Take a look at Absa Bank

Prepaid card customers enjoy unlimited free ATM withdrawals, CashSend transactions, in-store purchases and NotifyMe messages.

There are no minimum balance requirements and card holders can top up their funds whenever necessary.

The only time cardholders pay service fees is for ATM withdrawals at non-Absa outlets, as well as a 2.5% service fee every time the cardholder reloads the card.

However, one can only obtain this card with a maximum three-year validity period.

Features and benefits

  • Unlimited free ATM withdrawals from Absa ATMs
  • Also, unlimited free mini-statements or balance inquiries
  • Unlimited free prepaid airtime top ups for all networks
  • Unlimited free cell phone banking
  • Fuel purchases from participating Visa garages
  • Airtime top-up
  • You can also pay Telkom and Eskom accounts
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • Also, there are no credit checks to obtain a prepaid Absa card
  • Receive electronic payments online or via cell phone
  • Send money to anyone nationwide, even if they do not have a bank account or card
  • No monthly service fees
  • Also, free point-of-sale transactions


How Do People Get These Credit Cards for Blacklisted People?

  • One can obtain a prepaid card at all Absa branches.



  • South African bar coded ID


Are there costs involved?

  • A once-off card fee of R40


All info was correct at time of publishing