Student Visa Credit Cards from Nedbank

Student visa credit cards from Nedbank is designed to assist and support students pursuing tertiary education.This debit card facility operates as a current account through which Nedbank provides loans to students to aid them in their studies also helping to simplify banking for students. The card, therefore, provides the benefits like any other of the Nedbank accounts, however with monthly small fixed administrative charges.

Student Visa Credit Cards –  Benefits

Student Visa Credit Cards

Benefit requirements

By fulfilling the base, requirements to maintain a balance of R20 a month.


The account holder will get access to a personal money manager, and this funds manager helps keep track of transactions on their accounts such as income, expenditure and school fees. We contribute by keeping the costs at the client side to a minimum. This is because this account is primarily for people who do not make a monthly income. Features such as on the Dezign Credit Card has benefits primarily for students.

Free withdrawals at the ATM, as well as airtime purchases at an ATM. And Payment of online bills, stop orders and debit orders. Also, studedents can check their balances at  an ATM for free. Important note, these transactions are only free at Nedbank ATMS are used. Other benefits linked to the account are mobile money transfers for Imali also the ability to purchase prepaid electricity or buy airtime even without airtime and payment of other bills for the fixed monthly charge.

Nedbank requirements for South African residents

Nedbank also has simplified and made the process of opening the account very convenient. The requirements are simple.

  • You have to be a South African citizen.
  • Age between 16 and 26
  • And a full-time student.


Once you have completed the forms, you receive a debit card. You can use this debit card to swipe your purchases. And even pay for your amenities at all point of sales.

Nedbank account requirements for Non-South African residents.

The account is open to all non-residents who fit in that age category. There is a necessary fee, which is R35.  And they will have to prove a valid proof of identification such as:

  • A South African identity card
  • Citizenship or residency permit
  • Or in the case of non-residents a valid passport with their study permit.


They aren’t required to have proof of residence, only submit proof of acceptance form from a tertiary intuition. That needs to be submitted with official company stationery such as an acceptance letter on letterhead or student identity card.

The account is designed to suit the student’s lifestyle!

All info was correct at time of publishing